What is a Bath Shirt?

A bath shirt has been designed to keep your little one's chest and back warm whilst they play in the bath/shower. No more pouring/splashing water over them or cutting bath time short because they are cold.

With 2 easy ways to wear it'll let you maxmise bath time play knowing they are staying nice and warm.

To use: simply put dry bath shirt over your child's head and do the clips up at the back or alternatively wet bath shirt with warm bath water and put onto your child and then do the clips up at the back.


Mum Gone Crazy's Mission

To provide products that make Mum/Dad life just that little bit easier. We all know being a parent has its challenges and can be ever so exhausting. A little help can go a long way and our goal is to provide products that make things just that little bit easier with our precious little ones at our feet. More products coming soon.

Mum Gone Crazy's Story

Becoming parents never happened how we had planned and it certainly was never the way I had imagined motherhood. The struggle was real as I went from a full-on full-time job to living life on repeat, at home alone day in, day out. If becoming a mother wasn't hard enough our 1st was a lockdown baby and hubby being an interstate FIFO worker was locked out (to due to interstate border controls) for the 1st 6 months of our 1st child's life and then again for the first 4 months of our 2nd child's life. All this time at home alone sent me a little crazy due to lack of mental stimulation, so I started making things that made my life so much easier and went a bit crazy with so many additonal products. This is how Mum Gone Crazy (MGC) was born.